The starting price for all tattoos is €80. Total pricing is determined by the size of the tattoo, time spent on work beforehand, and the style of the tattoo. Prices include VAT (24%). The price of the tattoo includes design and artistic work before the actual tattooing process, as well as the tattoo itself. Each tattoo is priced as a whole.


Tattooing always includes a warranty; except for a few exceptions (finger and neck tattoos, and tattoos on the side of the foot). If you notice that your tattoo needs to be retouched, contact your tattoo artist within 2 weeks of tattooing. Corrections and retouching due to a treatment error (ex, inflammation, non-treatment) are not covered by the warranty; so be sure to follow our provided after-care instructions.

For more questions about pricing, please contact Anu or Erika.


Prices include the piercing itself, titanium jewelry, comprehensive care instructions, and the best support for your healing process. Our piercer will not pierce a customer with their own jewelery. This is done so as to guarantee that the piercing is done using new, clean and autoclaved jewelery; ensuring that the initial piercing is done using the proper, sterile material.

Specialty jewelry is available, should you choose to not use the standard titanium jewelry, at the price of the piece itself + piercing costs (€25)

For more questions about pricing, please contact Aino.

Ear(s) 35 € / 60 € for 2
Cartilage40 € / 75 € for 2
Tragus, inner conch, anti-tragus,
rook, forward helix, daith.
45-50 €
Industrial 60 €
Lip45 € / 80 € for 2
Vertical medusa/labret50 €
Nose 45 € / 80 € for 2
Smiley / Tongue web40 €
Eyebrow45 €
Navel/Belly Button55 €
Tongue55 €
Septum55 €
Bridge (between eyes )55 €
Microdermal (minimum age:18)85 € / 130 € for 2
Nipple(s) (minimum age: 18)65 € / 100 € for 2
Genital (minimum age: 18)starting at 110 €
Jewelry change5 €
Jewelry autoclaving5 €
Jewelry Anodizing5 €
Consultation/Check-up5-10 €

Gift Cards

You can purchase gift cards for both tattoos and piercings. When purchasing a gift card, please know from which tattoo artist you wish the gift card to be valid for and for what total amount you wish the gift card to be. Tattoo and piercing gift cards are sold separately.

Tattoo gift cards are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase and piercing gift cards are valid for 3 months. We will not accept outdated gift cards, nor will we provide cash refunds for unused cards. The period of validity for a gift card may not be extended.