Before your tattoo

Remember to arrive for your scheduled appointment time well-fed and adequately hydrated. If you are scheduled for a longer tattoo time, perhaps bring along something to snack on as it is likely that your blood sugar will drop during tattooing.

Dress in clothing that will allow for easy access to the area of skin that will be getting tattooed and ensure that it is something that you will be comfortable in during tattooing.

Blood-thinning medication, pregnancy, hemorrhagic diseases, blood-borne diseases and other, untreated underlying diseases are obstacles to tattooing. If you are sick or have a fever, we ask that you please reschedule your tattooing time to minimize the risk of illness.

We do not tattoo clients that are under the influence of intoxicants (drugs and/or alcohol).

You must not have consumed alcohol within the last 24 hours before tattooing.

You can bring “mental support” with you to your scheduled appointment time, but to maintain an efficient and peaceful work environment, we ask that you bring a maximum of one person with you.