Appointments, price estimates and other questions may be directed to your desired tattoo artist (Erika or Anu) and questions regarding piercings to our piercer (Aino).

When booking an appointment time, include the following information in your message:

  • Name & phone number.
  • Image request/idea, size (possible dimensions), location, color tones.
  • Possible reference photos or images.
  • If it’s an unfinished piece or an old tattoo that you wish to have covered up, please include photos of this as well.

Appointments with Erika:
via email:
Via Facebook on Miss Erika Tattoo; send a message.

Appointments with Anu:
Via email:

Appointments with Aino: (piercings and jewelery changes)
Book online:
Via phone or WhatsApp: 0442740719 (weekdays 10-17)
Via Facebook Piercing by Sereijan, send a message (weekdays 10-18)
Via email: (for non-urgent contact)