Aino (Piercer, Piercing by Sereijan)

I have worked as a full-time entrepreneur and piercer in Rovaniemi since April, 2012. My services include piercings, body jewelry sales, piercing replacement/changing of jewelry, and piercing consulting.

I’m available mainly on weekdays from 12pm – 5pm, because I work part-time in the mornings and evenings elsewhere. If you want to receive a piercing, I prefer that you schedule an appointment, but if time permits you can stop by the shop and perhaps get pierced that same day. Jewelry changes often come up throughout the week and take up a good bit of my time, so making an appointment to have that done is the best way to go. A short waiting time can be expected, so please be patient. If you’re coming from farther way to get pierced, remember to check beforehand that I am at the shop and that I am available. You will find my times of availability for the current week on my Facebook page. Unable to come during my normal working hours? Let me know and we can schedule a time in the morning or evening that suits you. Saturdays only by appointment. I do not work on Sundays or public holidays.

I pierce with the highest-quality materials and always take the customer’s anatomy into consideration. All piercing needles are single-use and disposable and all piercings are made according to the best hygiene practices.

My work is also my passion and hobby. I like to keep myself up to date on the prevailing trends and  also continuously focus on training myself as much as possible. I love what I do and being able to stand behind my work and proudly display what I have done. I pride myself on being able to provide high quality piercings to each and every one of my customers and enjoy being able to find the perfect piercing to fit them and their body. In problem situations, I always ask customers to turn to me for help and assistance.

Age Restrictions/Limits

The minimum age for piercing is 14 years. 14-15 year-olds may be pierced in the presence of a legal guardian.

16 year-olds may receive a piercing, with proof of age on a photo ID, but if you’re not 18, a legal guardian must be aware of the piercing. This is also asked and required to be acknowledged on the customer information form.

The minimum age to receive either a nipple piercing, genital piercing and microdermal is 18.

There is no flexibility with the above listed age limits and they also apply to basic ear lobe piercings, as well. A phone call from a legal guarding or a “permission slip” is not enough proof of consent and as such will not be accepted. A legal guardian must be present at the time of signing the customer information form.


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